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Saturday June 26, 2021 10:00am

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Quality Estate Furniture · Antique Furniture · Contemporary Furniture · Glass, Porcelain, Silver · Fine & Decorative Art · Books & Children's Books · Collectibles · Guns · Toys & Dolls · Coins & Stamps · Tools & Machinery · Fine Linens & Textiles · Fine & Costume Jewelry

Lot 1: (100) Franklin Silver Half Dollars.

Lot 2: (40) American Eagle Silver Dollars.

Lot 3: (160) U.S. Silver Quarters.

Lot 4: (25) Fine Silver 1 Troy Ounce Bars.

Lot 5: (40) American Eagle Silver Dollars.

Lot 6: (100) Kennedy 1964 Silver Half Dollars.

Lot 7: (160) U.S. Silver Quarters.

Lot 8: (40) American Eagle Silver Dollars.

Lot 9: (25) Fine Silver 1 Troy Ounce Bars.

Lot 10: (3) 1978 1 oz. Fine Gold Krugerrands.

Lot 11: 1987 United Kingdom 5 Pound Gold Coin.

Lot 12: (2) 1979 Canada Maple Leaf $50 Gold Coins.

Lot 13: Dunkirk Sterling Silver 4-Pc Coffee & Tea Set.

Lot 14: (4) Peruvian Sterling Silver Items.

Lot 15: (12) Peruvian Sterling Silver Teaspoons.

Lot 16: (2) Peru Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Brooches.

Lot 17: 18K Rose Gold Cuban Link Bracelet.

Lot 18: 18K Gold Silvana Wristwatch & Bracelet.

Lot 19: Gold Ring with Emerald Cut Light Blue Stone.

Lot 20: Peru 18K Gold Open Work Medallion Brooch.

Lot 21: Yellow Gold Double Rope Bracelet with Pearl.

Lot 22: Pair of Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings. (Test 18K).

Lot 23: Peru 18K Rose & Yellow Gold Ring.

Lot 24: Gold Cuban Link Bracelet. (Tests 18K).

Lot 25: (4) Peru Sterling Silver Picture Frames.

Lot 26: (40) American Eagle Silver Dollars.

Lot 27: (3) 1978 1 oz. Fine Gold Krugerrands.

Lot 28: (100) Franklin Silver Half Dollars.

Lot 29: (40) American Eagle Silver Dollars.

Lot 30: (160) U.S. Silver Quarters.

Lot 31: Gustavo Novoa Acrylic on Board, Leopard, Birds, Flowers.

Lot 32: John Melville Kelly Etching, Hawaii.

Lot 33: Louis XV Style Transitional Trumeau Mirror.

Lot 34: 19th C. Exquisite Large Gold Leaf Frame with Painting.

Lot 35: 1988 Yamaha GH1 Baby Grand Piano with Stool.

Lot 36: French Mahogany Circular Vitrine.

Lot 37: Vernis Martins Style Mahogany Display Cabinet.

Lot 38: Louis XV Style Gilt and Marble Console Table.

Lot 39: French Provincial Style Gilt Framed Mirror.

Lot 40: Chinese Contemporary 6-Panel Coromandel Screen.

Lot 41: 1990 Jaguar XJS V12 2-Door Convertible.

Lot 42: (3) Remington World War I Bayonets.

Lot 43: (3) Military Bayonets and Scabbards.

Lot 44: (2) Swiss M57 Bayonets.

Lot 45: Stoeger Arms Model 102 Black Powder Revolver.

Lot 46: E. Whitney U.S. Model 1841 Percussion Rifle.

Lot 47: World War II M1941 Johnson Rifle Bayonet.

Lot 48: World War II M1941 Johnson Rifle Bayonet.

Lot 49: M84 Sniper Scope and Mount.

Lot 50: Trilux L2A2 Sight Unit Infantry Scope.

Lot 51: (2) Telescopic Sights and Rifle Bipod.

Lot 52: Group of Leather Ammo Packs & Gun Cleaning Kit.

Lot 53: 1983 Canada 50 Dollar Maple Leaf Gold Coin.

Lot 54: (2) Liberty Head $5 Dollar Gold Coins, 1900 & 1901-S.

Lot 55: 1986 Gold Eagle $50 Dollar Gold Coin.

Lot 56: (2) Indian Head $5 Gold Coins.

Lot 57: 14K Yellow & White Gold Ring with 2 Accent Diamonds.

Lot 58: 14K Yellow & White Gold & Diamond Ring.

Lot 59: 14K Yellow Gold Ring with 3 Accent Diamonds.

Lot 60: 14K Yellow & White Gold Ring with Accent Diamond.

Lot 61: Vintage Hartmann Gilbraltarized Trunk.

Lot 62: Vintage Oshkosh The Chief Shipping Trunk.

Lot 63: Oriental Silk Banner, Dragon Breathing Fire.

Lot 64: Oriental Hand Knotted Wool Rug.

Lot 65: Oriental Hand Knotted Wool Rug.

Lot 66: Late Victorian Renaissance Revival Parlor Suite.

Lot 67: Gilt Chippendale Chinoiserie Style Wall Mirror.

Lot 68: 19th C. Carved Walnut and Leather High Chair.

Lot 69: Mahogany Sheraton Sideboard, Mid 20th C.

Lot 70: (2) Louis & Francois Moreau Bronze Figural Lamps.

Lot 71: Painted Wood Trumeau Mirror.

Lot 72: Oriental 4-Panel Coromandel Screen.

Lot 73: Pair of Baroque Style Gilt Wood Wall Sconces.

Lot 74: Continental Ebonized and Gilt Framed Wall Mirror.

Lot 75: Josef Neumann Wien Grandfather Clock

Lot 76: Gorham "Old English Tipt" Sterling Silver Flatware.

Lot 77: Tiffany Studios 4-Piece Desk Set.

Lot 78: Tiffany Studios 4-Piece Desk Set.

Lot 79: Group of Vintage Handbags.

Lot 80: Group of Vintage Vanity and Collectible Items.

Lot 81: (10) Animal Figurines incl. Lalique, Lladro.

Lot 82: Vintage inkwells and Desk Top Items.

Lot 83: (2) Miniature Toy Sewing Machines.

Lot 84: Vintage Desk Top and Related Items.

Lot 85: Pair of Vintage Cobalt Blue Glass Oil Lamps.

Lot 86: (2) Miniature Bronze Figures.

Lot 87: (10) Vintage Miniature Framed Portraits.

Lot 88: Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrille Glass Salt Cellar.

Lot 89: Rosemary Miner Oil on Canvas, Crashing Wave.

Lot 90: John A. Dominique Oil on Board, Landscape.

Lot 91: Marguerite Ciprico Oil on Canvas, California Landscape.

Lot 92: R. Valencia Oil on Canvas, Mt. Tamalpais.

Lot 93: After George Gardner Symons, Oil on Canvas, Landscape.

Lot 94: C. Faulkner Oil on Board, Monterey Lone Pine.

Lot 95: Clyde Leon Keller Oil on Board, River Landscape.

Lot 96: Burton S. Boundey Watercolor, Orchard.

Lot 97: Herman Gustavson Oil on Canvas, Wooded Landscape.

Lot 98: Charles Surendorf, 3 Engravings, Pencil Signed.

Lot 99: (8) Vintage Doulton Toby Jugs.

Lot 100: (8) Vintage Doulton Toby Jugs.

Lot 101: Group of (6) Lladro Porcelain Figures.

Lot 102: (7) Royal Doulton Porcelain Figures.

Lot 103: Mid 20th C. Vista Furniture Dresser & Nightstands.

Lot 104: Mid 20th C. Modern Chair, Table Unit.

Lot 105: (4) Mid 20th C. Modern Tables.

Lot 106: Mid 20th C. Chrome and Vinyl 3-Seat Sofa.

Lot 107: Mid 20th C. Modern Chrome & Leather Chair.

Lot 108: Mid 20th C. Vista Furniture 6-Drawer Dresser.

Lot 109: (3) Mid 20th C. Modern Lamps.

Lot 110: (2) Mid 20th C. Modern Teak Nesting Tables.

Lot 111: George Nelson for Herman Miller CSS Wall Unit.

Lot 112: Men's Leather U.S. Army Style Jacket.

Lot 113: Men's Black Leather Jacket.

Lot 114: Men's Leather Military Style Jacket.

Lot 115: Chuck Jones and Bob Clampet Limited Edition Cels.

Lot 116: (2) Chuck Jones Warner Bros. Limited Edition Cels.

Lot 117: (2) Friz Freleng Warner Bros. Cels.

Lot 118: Michael Bedard Wood Sculpture, Conductor.

Lot 119: Large Art Glass Paperweight Scent Bottle.

Lot 120: 19th C. Austrian Gilt Large Entry Mirror.

Lot 121: (2) Austria Philharmonic 2009 1 Oz. Gold Coins.

Lot 122: Engelhard Fine Silver 10 Oz. Bar.

Lot 123: (2) Austria Philharmonic 2009 1 Oz. Gold Coins.

Lot 124: (6) Morgan and (1) Peace Silver Dollars.

Lot 125: (16) U.S. Silver Half Dollars.

Lot 126: (4) Sterling Silver Tableware Items.

Lot 127: Group of Sterling Silver Flatware. (8).

Lot 128: French Walnut 2-Door Armoire.

Lot 129: Late 19th /Early 20th C. French Country Pine Desk.

Lot 130: Hekman 2-Drawer Drop Leaf Writing Table.

Lot 131: Oriental Coffee Table with Painted Panel Inset.

Lot 132: (2) Early 20th C. Continental Oils on Canvas.

Lot 133: (3) Louis XV style Maple Nesting Tables.

Lot 134: E-MU E4XT Ultra Sampler.

Lot 135: Yamaha TX-802 Tone Generator.

Lot 136: Doepfer A-100 Modular Analog Synth System.

Lot 137: Korg 01R/w Synthesizer and EXM1R Sequencer.

Lot 138: Kurzweil K2600XS Sampling Synth Workstation.

Lot 139: Roland S-760 Rack Mount Digital Sampler.

Lot 140: Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor.

Lot 141: Doepfer A-100 Modular Analog Synth System.

Lot 142: E-MU Proteus 2500 Sequencer Command Station.

Lot 143: Korg Prophecy Synthesizer Keyboard.

Lot 144: Kurzweil 1000PS Rack Mount Synthesizer.

Lot 145: Pair of Klipsch Cornwall Type C-WO Speakers.

Lot 146: Group of (5) Antiquarian Books.

Lot 147: (2) Volumes, M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum Libri XVI AD T.

Lot 148: Antique J. J. Vander Borght Dutch Tall Case Clock.

Lot 149: Pair of 1930s Drop Crystal 2-light Table Lamps.

Lot 150: Contemporary Flip Top Games Table.

Lot 151: Group of Vintage Ethnic Dolls.

Lot 152: Group of Art Glass Items including Murano.

Lot 153: (2) Vintage Telephones.

Lot 154: Group of Vintage Cast Iron & Other Stoves.

Lot 155: Group of Desk Top Collectibles.

Lot 156: (8) Bean Bag Porcelain Dolls.

Lot 157: Group of Shirley Temple Ideal & Other Dolls.

Lot 158: Group of Modernist Sculptures.

Lot 159: (7) Continental & Other Porcelain Figures.

Lot 160: Group of Oriental Decorative Items.

Lot 161: Group of Brilliant Cut Glass Items.

Lot 162: Group of Vintage Frames & Stands.

Lot 163: Group of Scandinavian Carved Wood Figures.

Lot 164: Group of Vintage Quack Medicine Bottles in Boxes.

Lot 165: Group of Vintage Balance Scales & Weights.

Lot 166: Group of Hand Blown Glass Animal Figures.

Lot 167: Wedgwood & Continental Porcelain Plates.

Lot 168: Group of Vintage Egg Timers.

Lot 169: Vintage Painted and Ceramic Egg Form Decorations.

Lot 170: Group of Antique & Vintage Dolls.

Lot 171: Group of Goebel & Other Figurines.

Lot 172: Group of Vintage Tools.

Lot 173: Group of Vintage Pottery Items.

Lot 174: Group of Vintage Collectibles.

Lot 175: (4) Duck Decoys and a Bird Figures.

Lot 176: (8) Vintage Metal Banks.

Lot 177: Group of Brilliant Cut Glass Items.

Lot 178: Group of Vintage Framed Silhouettes.

Lot 179: (5) Wood Duck Decoys.

Lot 180: Miniature Dolls, Figurines & Dollhouse Furniture.

Lot 181: Group of Quimper Pottery Items.

Lot 182: Group of Dolls & Dollhouse Related Items.

Lot 183: Metalware, Stoneware & Fireplace Pots.

Lot 184: (8) Effanbee Character Dolls in Boxes.

Lot 185: Collection of Annalee Dolls & Figures.

Lot 186: Group of Porcelain Demitasse Cups & Saucers.

Lot 187: Group of Vintage Carnival & Depression Glass.

Lot 188: Group of Decorative Lidded Boxes.

Lot 189: Kewpie Dolls and Related Items.

Lot 190: Group of Vintage Collectibles.

Lot 191: Group of Dollhouse Furniture.

Lot 192: Telegraph Tapper & Collectibles.

Lot 193: Group of Vintage Bottles.

Lot 194: Group of Porcelain Figurines.

Lot 195: Group of Vintage Oil Lamps.

Lot 196: Group of Brilliant Cut Glass Items.

Lot 197: Group of Vintage Scales.

Lot 198: Group of Modernist Metal Musician Sculptures.

Lot 199: Ceramic and Glass Cat Figurines.

Lot 200: Felix The Cat Collectibles & Other Toys.

Lot 201: "Buyer's Choice" Carolers and Accessories.

Lot 202: Group of Rose O'Neill Kewpie Collectibles.

Lot 203: Group Of Gilt Sconces And Related Items.

Lot 204: Group of Assorted Glassware

Lot 205: Group of Animal Figures incl. Austin.

Lot 206: (3) Johnson Indoor Target Guns & Action Figures.

Lot 207: (3) Volkstedt & (1) Dresden Figural Groups.

Lot 208: Group of Scottish Terrier Collectible Items.

Lot 209: Continental Gilt and Glass 3-Piece Desk Set.

Lot 210: Blown Glass Miniature Orchestra Group on Wood Stand.

Lot 211: (3) Chelsea Porcelain Figures of 18th C. Peasants.

Lot 212: (8) Whimsical Musicians Pottery Figures.

Lot 213: (5) Chelsea Pottery Barrister Plates.

Lot 214: Group of Art Glass and Bronze Musician Figures.

Lot 215: Group of Porcelain Figures Incl. Hippo Orchestra.

Lot 216: Skovby SM32W Dining Table with 6 Chairs.

Lot 217: Skovby Danish 8-Drawer Sideboard.

Lot 218: Heritage "Avallon" Provincial Dining Table & 8 Chairs.

Lot 219: Franciscan Desert Rose Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 220: English Edwardian Compactum Wardrobe.

Lot 221: Italian Crystal Chandelier.

Lot 222: Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Dining Table & 8 Chairs.

Lot 223: Oriental Canton Rose Porcelain Dinner Service.

Lot 224: Turkish Large Hand Knotted Rug.

Lot 225: Chinese Coromandel 10-Panel Screen.

Lot 226: Oak Gothic Revival Buffet Deux Corps.

Lot 227: Edwardian 3-Door Wardrobe.

Lot 228: Oriental Hand Knotted Rug.

Lot 229: 1920s Oak Mirror Back Sideboard.

Lot 230: Late 19th C. Mahogany 4-Drawer Chest.

Lot 231: Early 20th C. Japanned Lacquer 2-Door Corner Cabinet.

Lot 232: American Mahogany Tall Case Clock, Circa 1910.

Lot 233: Pair of Chinese Porcelain Blue & White Garden Seats.

Lot 234: Vintage Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock.

Lot 235: Pair of Late 19th C. Rush Seated Corner Chairs.

Lot 236: Pair of Late 19th C. Rush Seated Corner Chairs.

Lot 237: Pair of Early 20th C. Provincial Style Armchairs.

Lot 238: Huang Zhuo Jun Painting, Two Stallions.

Lot 239: Japanese Scroll Painting on Paper, Nihonga Boating in Spring.

Lot 240: Chinese Embroidered Silk Petit Jacket & Pants.

General Estate Highlights
are listed below:

Lot 598: Smith And Wesson Model 22s Semiautomatic Pistol. S/N: UAT8015. Caliber: 0.22 LR. Color: Gray. Barrel length: 5.5 in. with plastic case and (2) magazines.

Lot 599: Springfield Armory Model 1898 Krag-Jorgensen Bolt Action Rifle. S/N: 190518. Caliber: 30-30 Win. (30-40 K-J). Color: Black, Barrel length: 30 in.

Lot 600: Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle. S/N: 1572796 Caliber: 30-30 Win. Color: Black. Barrel length: 20 in.

Lot 601: Johnson Automatics M1941 Semiautomatic Rifle. S/N: B5412. Caliber: .30-06 US. Color: Black. Barrel length: 22 in.

Lot 602: Browning Arms Hi-Power Semiautomatic Pistol. S/N: 69C2995. Caliber: 9mm. Color: Black. Barrel length: 4.5 in. with plastic case and (2) magazines.

Lot 603: SKS Type 56 Semiautomatic Rifle. S/N: 04478-78. Caliber: 7.62x39 mm. Color: Black. Barrel length: 20.5 in.

Lot 604: Marlin 45 Semiautomatic Rifle. S/N: 03447455. Caliber: 0.45 ACP. Color: Black. Barrel length: 22 in. No magazine.

Lot 605: Johnson Automatics M1941 Semiautomatic Rifle. S/N: B6378. Caliber: .30-06 US. Color: Black. Barrel length: 21.75 in.

Lot 606: Springfield Armory Model 1899 Bolt Action Rifle. S/N:285735. Caliber: 30-30 Win. (.30-40 K-J). Color: Black. Barrel length: 22 in.

Lot 607: Navy Arms Co. Model 1875 Top Break Revolver. S/N: 9005. Caliber: 0.45. Color: Black. Barrel length: 7 in. Reproduction of Colt 1875 top break revolver. Imported by A. Uberti, Italy.

Lot 608: Western Field Model M72 Lever Action Rifle. S/N: 0656. Caliber: 30-30 Win. Color: Black. Barrel length: 20.5 in